Do you know what type of nipple is unusual? (Off-topic)

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The shape of Each nipple is But they have different characteristics. Some have long nipples protruding. Some have blindfolded heads. Or some have hair on the nipple But how do we know what kind of nipples are normal? And what kind of things are not normal What's that

What type of nipple is normal and what is wrong?
Inverted nipples
Dizziness Refers to the appearance of a dent or contracted nipple into the breast. Which may arise from having The milk ducts are shorter than normal. Therefore braced the nipple to shrink in May occur with one nipple on either side Or both sides On average, this type of nipple occurs in 10-20% of women.
This symptom of blindness is considered a normal symptom. But it can create problems for those who need to breastfeed. Especially for people with severe blindness. Surgery may be needed to fix it back to normal.

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There is secretion from the nipple.
Various secretions The discharge from the nipple, whether it is breast milk, clear water, lymphatic fluid, pus or blood, may be normal and abnormal symptoms.
Usually, the presence of secretions from the nipple. It can arise from causes such as breast milk, menstruation, or mammary duct ectasia that can be found in postmenopausal women. These symptoms can be considered normal. Can happen to people Usually does not cause any harm And can disappear by itself Without the need for treatment

But if the secretion from the nipple is viscous and has a foul odor Yellow or green And looks like a pus It may be a sign of a breast infection. And should be treated urgently To prevent The infection is more severe
Additionally, if you have blood or brownish fluid coming from your nipple. It may be a sign of chronic diseases such as thyroid disease or breast cancer and should be examined by a doctor for further diagnosis.

Knotty nipples
Some people may have small bumps appearing around the nipple and the mammary glands. Small or pimple-like bumps on the nipple are called nipple-like bumps. The nipple sebaceous gland (Montgomery gland) serves as a production. The fat is coated in the nipple area. And help build a lubricant for the nipple It is a normal nipple. No harm And will be found during pregnancy
However, if you have a blister or lump Occurs in the nipple area During the period when you were not pregnant That could be a sign of certain diseases, such as duct obstruction, nipple abscess, infection or fallopian tube cancer. Should be examined with a doctor to diagnose the disease.

Hairy nipples
In the nipple and milk area They all have pores just like any other area in the body. Making it possible to have hairs in the nipple and milk area That is normal Some people may feel annoyed with the hairs in that area. You can also use scissors to trim the hair, but do not wax the hair in the nipple area. Because it can cause irritation

The nipple has changed in size.
Usually, our breasts and nipples. There may be swelling. And larger During menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or even the use of birth control pills, this change in breast and nipple Classified as a normal symptom That can happen Because of hormonal changes in the body
But if one nipple or breast There is obvious swelling. This could be a sign of certain conditions, such as mastitis or an infection. Should undergo a diagnosis from a doctor

It can be seen that the characteristics of the nipple are many different. And may be both normal symptoms And signs of disease The best way we should keep an eye out for changes that happen to our breasts on a regular basis. And attended Have a physical exam with your doctor if any abnormalities are found so that the disease can be detected quickly. And perform treatment in a timely manner

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