5 trees "enhance your career" plus easy care (Off-topic)

by pippy, Monday, April 12, 2021, 03:13 (24 days ago)


When we have to work at least 8 hours a day, it would be nice if there was a refreshing plant at the desk as well. But it's even better If the tree that was selected is a big bang for the job! If anyone still cannot imagine what plants should be planted well There are plants that are suitable for setting on the work table to enhance the work of each other.

Cactus - Progressive Work
Cactus is a perennial plant that is very popular with office workers. With a beautiful, unusual shape according to each species Looks pleasing to the eye And it is also believed that it is a tree that helps strengthen the chance to advance in your career faster. Including helping to prevent evil things as well
Even if anyone has planted the cactus has bloomed to agree. It is believed to bring good fortune. Having money and money, never running out of hand As long as you know the technique of growing, it will make it grow and have flowers.
An important tip is to place the cactus in direct sunlight during its growing season for 4-6 hours a day. And regularly add fertilizers for the maintenance of the cactus regularly If someone's desk is already near the window It is considered an ideal location to be planted to enhance the fortune.

Alkaline betel - smooth operation

Spotted betel is a creeper that is very easy to care for. Because it does not need a lot of light to grow well. If brought to the table set. It will help strengthen the eyes to work smoothly without interruption. And there are people to support
There are 3 popular varieties of spotted betel, but the golden queen is the one with the smallest stem. Bright yellowish green And the leaves have a beautiful shape like a heart It is popular to grow as an ornamental plant in a vase or in a pot.
The Golden Queen is also a breed that is believed to enhance the merit of its owner. And is a sacred wood for people born Monday, Wednesday, including those born with Libra. Which can be planted with water only Or grown in water to dissolve chemical fertilizers as well Therefore suitable for placing beautiful vases on the workbench

Dwarf Dragon Tongue - Dispel Evil

Dwarf dragon fruit is a herbaceous plant that can be planted in low light. And do not need to water a lot Just once a week is enough Therefore suitable to be set at the desk Because it is not only easy to take care of But it is believed that it is an auspicious tree that helps dispel the bad things that will come out to us
In addition, it is also a tree that has researched "NASA" or the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration certifies that air purification. Absorb toxins and various chemicals as well
The dragon fruit will spit out oxygen during the night. Therefore popularly placed in the bedroom as well Which, if set for about 6-8 plants, is reported to help produce adequate oxygen for normal breathing for one person.

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