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There’s an old saying: “You’re either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both.” Most gamers would probably add an ergonomic chair to that list. In the modern world where so many people sit for hours gaming on a computer, spending $200 or so on a quality gaming chair that will keep you comfortable and without aches for long hours makes all the sense in the world.

best gaming chair under 200
At the $200 level, you can expect great gaming chairs that come with some unique features that can really minimize common ailments associated with gaming for too long. This includes back pain, nick stiffness, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dedicated lumbar and neck pillows, bucket seats, height adjustable armrests and even some chairs with dedicated footrests can be found in gaming chairs at this price level.

In this guide we handpick the very best budget gaming chairs under and around $200 so you can finally game in comfort and in better health, all the while without leaving a hole in your wallet.

Note: Prices subject to change. Check final price before purchasing.

Product Capacity Warranty Verdict Details

GTracing Gaming Chair
300 pounds 1 year limited warranty Editor's Pick for best gaming chair under $200 AMAZON PRICE


Kcream Gaming Chair
300 pounds 1 year limited warranty Best PC Gaming Chair with Footrest CHECK PRICE

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair
400 pounds 1 year limited warranty Largest weight capacity CHECK PRICE

Healgen Big and Tall
320 pounds 5 years limited warranty Best Gaming Chair for wide users CHECK PRICE

Essentials Gaming Chair
250 pounds 1 year limited warranty Budget No Frills PC Gaming Seat with Comfortable Seat CHECK PRICE

GTRacing Pink Chair
300 pounds 1 year limited warranty Best Pink Gaming Chair for female gamers CHECK PRICE

Yitahome Gaming Chair
400 pounds 1 year limited warranty Best Gaming Chair for Tall Users CHECK PRICE

GTRacing Pro Chair
300 pounds 30 days free replacement/refund Best White Color Gaming Chair CHECK PRICE
1. GTRACING Gaming Office Chair– Best Overall Gaming Chair Under $200
SALEGTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair Backrest and Seat Height...
GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair Backrest and Seat Height...
This GTRACING gaming chair is wrapped in red leatherette in a sleek, race-inspired shape, providing...
Ergonomic design helps you maintain a neutral, balanced posture and reduce your pressure and pain.
Well-padded seat, lumbar & headrest cushions make extended gaming sessions more enjoyable.
$114.99 −$30.00 $84.99
See Best Price on Amazon
Weight 50 lbs
Capacity 230 lbs
Seat Height Adjustments 16.9″ – 20.9″
Recline Degree 90–170 degrees
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
The GTRACING Gaming Chair (full review) is a boldly styled chair with ergonomic comfort and an impressive recline. Whether you work on your computer or use it mainly for gaming, this chair can keep you comfortable and in good posture for hours. While it may be a bit too flashy for an office setting, this GTRACING chair is perfect for your desk at home.

One of the first things to look for in an ergonomic gaming chair is how it will treat your back. In addition to the winged curve of most racing-style chairs, the GTRACING Gaming Chair has adjustable pillows for neck support and lumbar support, which means you can sit back comfortably without worrying about future back pain or bad posture. One user said that this gaming chair was more comfortable than any office chair he had used before.

In addition to feeling great, this chair looks awesome as well. A striking two-color palette draws the eye, and even the wheels have a sharp look. Many people like to match the look of their chair with their computer, so if you have a boldly-colored battlestation, this could be the gaming chair for you. Several users of this chair mention the coloring on this chair as a big plus.

Finally, the GTRACING Gaming Chair has an above-average level of adjustability, especially among other gaming chairs in the $200 range. One disabled owner of this chair commented that this chair’s adjustment options perfectly met their needs. The back reclines up to 170°, so you can practically lie down in this chair if you want (perhaps detach the lumbar pillow first, though). The high recline of the backrest makes this gaming chair a solid option for any sort of work or relaxation that involves sitting.

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