Cumbia 420: The Super Viral, Weed-Infused Musical Phenomenon (Off-topic)

by miniming, Sunday, May 30, 2021, 05:54 (24 days ago)

Cumbia 420: The Super Viral, Weed-Infused Musical Phenomenon Bringing Ghetto Back To The Mainstream


"Nowhere else have I heard a rhythm like this, a sound like this,” declares the mega-viral Argentine artist L-Gante, poster child for the new, cannabis-infused musical style born in the favelas that’s jolting Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world: Cumbia 420.

L-Gante not only leads the Billboard charts across the region with his "BZRP Music Sessions #38," but also boasts a total of ten (yes, ten) songs in the “Billboard Argentina Hot 100” list, reaching more than half a billion listeners with his music in the last six months.

What’s Cumbia 420?
Formally, Cumbia 420 is cumbia, reggaeton and marijuana. In other words, Latin rhythms and good old weed. And its rise to virality reminisces of the ascent of gangsta rap into the mainstream. L-Gante and his crew are to today’s popular music in Latin America what N.W.A. was to American music in the late 80s and early 90s.

"It's reggaeton with the cadence of cumbia in its rhythmic structure,” explains DT.Bilardo, L-Gante’s producer and a guru of Latin American fusions who, by dint of his hits, laid the foundations for the musical phenomenon of the moment. slot

Cumbia 420 is “a brand, rather than a style,” he adds.

Unlike L-Gante, who has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram despite a massive shadow ban on his content and profile, DT.Bilardo, who pulls the strings from backstage, has just over 40 thousand. And he likes it that way.

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