BTS Racked Up More Than Half A Billion Views On YouTube (Off-topic)

by miniming, Tuesday, June 01, 2021, 07:37 (22 days ago)

BTS Racked Up More Than Half A Billion Views On YouTube Last Week


BTS almost always rank among the most successful acts on YouTube, as their name typically appears somewhere inside the top 10 on the video hosting site’s weekly ranking of the most popular musicians, but their performance this time around is truly astounding.

According to the latest weekly chart, BTS as a group saw their videos rack up an incredible 549 million plays. Yes, that’s right, the South Korean vocal band’s countless uploads were watched more than half a billion times in the last seven days alone.

The bulk of all those plays come to BTS thanks to the release of their new music video for their single “Butter,” which started breaking a number of records from the moment it was unleashed. The clip was watched 235 million times in the first seven days it was available to view on the platform, and that sum is easily enough to make it the most-watched upload of the week. In fact, “Butter” beats the second-most-popular title on YouTube this frame more than five times over.

Whenever an act as big as BTS releases something as massively popular as “Butter” has become, their entire catalog benefits, as fans continue watching and listening to their older releases. Depending on the account, YouTube may even suggest more content from the same band to play next, keeping their view count rising higher and higher. Many of BTS’s most beloved tracks improve significantly on this week’s YouTube chart, and they all played a part in adding to that 549 million number.

Also helping add to BTS’s eye-popping single-week sum is the release of a new performance video, which opens at No. 4 on the weekly chart. The septet’s debut live showing of “Butter,” which was part of the Billboard Music Awards, racked up almost 30 million plays in less than a full seven days.

BTS beat this week’s second-most-played musician, Alka Yagnik, more than twice over. The Indian playback star sat at No. 1 last frame, but this time around she dips to second place, as her music was played 254 million times, earning less than half as many clicks as all of BTS’s uploads. The K-pop titans saw their catalog views improve more than 196% week-over-week, which isn’t shocking, given how much attention their latest release has received.

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