Eat outside the box.. Cook outside the recipe. (Off-topic)

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When we think of delivery, we think of fast food such as thin crust pizza, spicy fried chicken.
Now there's more than that. Clean food is currently trending and healthy food delivery is increasing. The concept of these restaurants is that the preparation of ingredients and the menu for each customer is not the same.

like steak and grilled vegetables Served to us at the doorstep of the house. We will get both convenience and many benefits.
The disadvantage is that We have to invest quite a bit. But don't stress. We have provided some homemade cooking tips.
At home, it's great to save money in your pocket. It's also delicious and full of nutrients as well.

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Cook food faster to keep it fresh.
Fresh food from the garden Ready to serve to our table quickly without relying on the oven and menus.
It doesn't have to be limited to salads or fresh vegetables. We can keep it fresh and save a lot of cooking time.

When we have enough knowledge about the vegetables that have been cooked. You can try peeling the asparagus with a paring knife.
and cooked with lemon juice and olive oil if making pasta Try blanching the green vegetables in the same pot.
Use brightly colored vegetables like broccoli and green beans. The menu is simple. Just throw the vegetables in the boiling water for a few minutes.
Then use a colander to scoop up. Add the ketchup and your dinner will be done in minutes, easy, isn't it?

Add some flavor
Just match the taste. whats different It might even be unbelievably compatible.
like horseradish and parmesan cheese or kumquats with whole grains This type of menu is very popular.
If you don't want to risk it, try to come up with your own recipe. May find menus from the Internet to use as inspiration.
Brilliant chefs always make money by mixing new flavors. although sometimes
Flavors are discovered by chance. Try adapting your favorite fish dishes. Go for it with watermelon and bell peppers.

Cut the right way to add flavor.
Did you know that the way we cut something directly affects the taste of it?
For example, zucchini tastes like spaghetti when cut into wide and thin strips with a sharp knife.
radish cut into small strips Add a little spicy without causing other ingredients to lose their taste shallot or garlic
chopped with a paring knife to eat in small bites Easier than dicing into large pieces And the grater can reduce the smell of vegetables.
almost all kinds Try using dessert toppings. It will add flavor and provide nutrition as well.

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