5snacks to eat during weight loss that must be chosen wisely (Off-topic)

by pippy, Sunday, June 06, 2021, 05:15 (17 days ago)


One of the biggest mistakes people make to lose weight is selection of snacks Maybe we don't get fat from the carbs or fat in our main meal, but rather as a snack. various snacks that is never far away including drinks rich in sugar These foods don't make us feel like eating more. This is the beginning of obesity that gradually creeps unknowingly in the United States. There is research that says They found that Americans ate more than 580 calories a day simply because snacking did not improve their health or shape.

Thus, we know that Snack selection is also important. And here is a list of delicious snacks that I would recommend to friends. Choose wisely before eating during weight loss.

1. Nuts
Of course it's delicious. And we've heard a lot that it helps to lose weight. no less good for health But that means regular baked beans, not sugar-coated beans. Because that will increase the waistline for your friends instead.

2. Fruit smoothies
When hearing that fruit, one would think that it must be good for its shape. but if friends Choose a blended type with added sugar. It may be unknowingly adding extra calories. Also, some fruits are high in calories. therefore not suitable as a snack If you want to choose, try the following.

3. Granola
It's rich in whole grains and that shouldn't be unhealthy or just our weight, right? But what is important is the matter of calories. Some types are mixed with sugar and flavored with flavor. This can be a source of unnecessary extra calories. However, you may want to check the calories before buying.

4. Protein Bars
It is a protein supplement after exercise. Protein bars are popular with people who exercise. But like the others, some protein bars contain as many as 350 calories, so be careful.

5. Flavored yogurt
We may not be as addicted to calories as the previous options. And of course, yogurt is good for stomach health. Helps the excretory system better can help lose weight But flavored yogurts are often rich in sugar.

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