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Today we will take readers to get acquainted with one strain of influenza that is influenza B. It is regarded as the flu that we have to protect ourselves from being infected with this flu. because when the influenza species Our bodies will become so weak that they have no energy to do anything. So let's get to know each other.

What is influenza?
is a disease that is infected by the influenza virus Symptoms can range from mild to severe. By this type of infection, there are many types. In addition to causing influenza in people. It also occurs in animals such as pigs, birds and horses, but in general a virus in any animal causes specific disease in that animal, for example avian influenza virus mainly affects poultry. But for the news that had been famous for many years about the avian influenza caused by a virus that has mutated causing contact with humans or mammals
Influenza B It's a seasonal influenza disease. which each year found no less patients especially in children So we should know how to prevent this flu infection. We therefore have information about influenza B out for us to get to know each other. including how to deal with this disease properly

influenza type b how does it spread
Influenza can occur year-round. But influenza B this time is a seasonal flu. Most of them are infested in winter. Because the influenza virus thrives in cold weather. Which is most common during December and January and the rainy season is during August.
for the spread of the disease Of course, different from the common cold. because the symptoms are acute Patients will have fevers up to 40 degrees Celsius, body aches, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat and cough. If there are complications, pneumonia can occur. The duration of illness is about 6-7 days.

Groups at risk of influenza B
influenza type b can be found at all ages But the group at risk Must be especially careful. Patients with chronic lung disease, asthma, heart disease, immunodeficiency Young children under 2 years old, the elderly and pregnant women including those with a high BMI or obesity If you have the flu There is a risk of having more severe symptoms than usual.

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