5 types of food. The more you eat, the more hungry you are. (Off-topic)

by pippy, Thursday, June 10, 2021, 03:24 (13 days ago)


Many people who like to eat, whether it is food, snacks or drinks. You may have experienced “the more you eat, the more hungry” symptoms are often mistaken for your body's need for more nutrients that makes you feel hungry all the time. but in fact There are also many foods that make you eat more and more hungry. which is the main reason for gaining weight therefore today We will introduce 5 types of food that the more you eat, the more hungry you will be able to avoid each other correctly as follows.

1. cereal
It is a popular breakfast for many people. Because cereal is a food that can be eaten easily and does not have to go through difficult cooking. As a result, many people choose to eat cereal. I think that it will fill your stomach easily. But with the nutrient composition of cereals that are often loaded with starch and sugar. Thus not being pregnant, often hungry and may cause cholesterol to accumulate in the body. If you like cereal, it's better to switch to cereals that contain raisins, nuts, or oats to fill your stomach.

2. Fruit flavored yoghurt
Although yogurt is regarded as a food that helps control food and lose weight as well. But you must not forget that yogurt must be natural yogurt only. Be careful with fruit-flavored yoghurts as they contain a lot of sugar. May cause hunger and have to eat more food instead

3. Cheese
For those who love to eat cheese, be careful. Because cheese contains a substance that stimulates the appetite as well. This makes you feel hungry often and need to find more food to eat, such as bread, cheese, pizza or cheese that is in the ingredients of various foods.

4. Fruit juice
Although fruit juice is rich in vitamins that nourish the body. But nowadays these juices are often mixed with sugar. This is the key to making you feel hungry more often. Therefore, if you like to eat fruit juice, you should choose 100% real fruit juice.

5. Whole wheat bread
This food is considered a food that provides good nutrition. But most often contain more starch than other nutrients. Therefore, choosing to eat with other foods such as milk, bananas or eggs will help to provide the body with full nutrients and not cause frequent hunger pangs.

All of the foods we recommend above are It's not a dangerous food at all. But should choose to eat appropriately. Should not choose to eat as a staple food. This will make you feel hungry and eating too often can lead to obesity.

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