Top 5 toothbrushes that are good to use and love (Off-topic)

by pippy, Thursday, March 11, 2021, 10:02 (37 days ago)

Today I will ask to open the toothbrush case. Items that we all have and must use can be said that they are used regularly. At least every morning and evening, or some people may take it after meals. Yes, today I would like to open the top 5 toothbrushes that are good. The so-called return to use would be difficult. What will be there? Let's go and see.

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Electric toothbrush Oral b Vitality Precision Clean D12013
No one can, except for the Oral B electric toothbrush, which comes with a charger for the day. The size may look a bit big, but it fits comfortably in your hand, easy to use. Do not charge frequently Variable can clean it very well. Called tea stains Or coffee, this electric toothbrush.

Curaprox toothbrush ULTRA SOFT 5460
Another very good toothbrush. Direct from Switzerland This special brush is packed with 5460 bristles, making it possible to clean thoroughly. Soft and not cut gums as well. And still able to maintain the shape of the variable well even when the brush is wet. In addition, there are also many colors to choose from, both the handle and the variable. You can say that toothbrushes are fashionable too.

Sparkle ionic toothbrush
Toothbrush with an ionic body, as I believe many will be fascinated as well. Because of its goodness it caused the product to be in short supply for a while. In addition to cleaning excellently. Removes limestone very well. The brush head can also be replaced. Q. I still come to the press button to check the ionic, is it still active or not? Which can be used for a very long time as well Called the best value

Xiaomi electric toothbrush
Another electric toothbrush that is really powerful. I would have to give it to xiaomi because in addition to cleaning fully with the vibration of 37200 rpm of this person. The usage history can also be saved through the xiaomi application, it can be said that the hearts of the xiaomi followers to another.

Toothbrush muji
Finally, to please the minimalist line with a cute toothbrush from muji with a reasonable selection of colors. And I believe I have to like people who like to use small and soft variables because this toothbrush is known for its small size that can clean thoroughly every corner. With softness and not cut the gums Absolutely clean and affordable, too.

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