People with diabetes are at risk of infection with fungi. (Off-topic)

by pippy, Monday, March 22, 2021, 07:48 (26 days ago)

Diabetics There are high risk factors for easily developing various complications, especially in women. Failure to control your blood sugar well can be at risk of developing yeast infection. Diabetes control with vaginal fungal infections to leave each other.

Relationship between people with diabetes and Vaginal fungus
A woman will usually develop a yeast infection at least once in her life due to a fungal infection called "Candida fungi" (Candida) or "yeast" in which the patient. Diabetes mellitus with high blood sugar leads to a decrease in the performance of the immune system. Therefore, there is a greater risk of vaginal yeast infection than normal people.

Research results in 2013 on the relationship between fungi in Vaginal and type 1 diabetics found that people with type 1 diabetes in women and children with high blood sugar had more vaginal yeast infection than the general population.

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People with diabetes are at risk of “vaginal yeast infection”.
Diabetics who do not control blood sugar are at risk of developing vaginal candidiasis due to diabetics. There is a level of glycogen (Glycogen), a polysaccharide. (Polysaccharide) that the body uses to store sugar. Glucose in the vagina more than normal. From having high blood sugar Causing the acidity to increase As a result, the fungus grows rapidly until it becomes an infection and other causes that may be at risk of vaginal yeast infection are as follows.

Taking certain types of antibiotics
Taking birth control pills
Undergoing hormone therapy
Have an impaired immune system
Infection from Sexual activity
Reduce the risk of Vaginal fungus By modifying behavior
In addition to controlling blood sugar levels People with diabetes can also reduce the risk of developing vaginosis. Can be done in the following way

Avoid wearing Tight clothes
Wear cotton underwear (Able to control the humidity level)
After exercising, such as swimming, the clothing should be removed and cleaned immediately.
Avoid taking hot baths or bathing in hot tubs.
Avoid douching or vaginal sprays.
If it is menstruation, change Frequent tampons
Avoid using scented sanitary napkins.
Treatment methods for yeast infection
The treatment for vaginal candidiasis in diabetics is the same treatment as normal people. Your doctor may prescribe a vaginal cream. Or suppositories to be used for 1-7 days, such as drug Fluconazole (Fluconazole) has properties to prevent and treat fungal infections. But there are contraindications that are not used with pregnant women.

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