How do we know that this is a "stressful headache"? (Off-topic)

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Headache due to stress It is the most common type of headache. May cause mild pain Moderate or severe in the head, neck and eye area Some of them felt like something was straining their head so hard. It is often found that there are occasional symptoms. But there is also chronic pain, according to the Cleveland Clinic, women are twice as likely as men. (In the American population)

Headache due to stress is the cause?
Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck area.Various diets, activities, and pressures can cause these spasms. Some people experience tension headaches after prolonged gaze at a computer screen or after a long drive. Cold temperatures can also cause tension headaches.

In addition, there will be other factors such as

Eye pain
Dry eyes
Having a cold or flu
Sinus infection
Emotional stress
So how do we know that this is a "stressful headache"?
Pain all over the head
Feeling of pressure on the forehead
The pain is usually mild or moderate.
Becomes more severe with migraines
Throbbing pain One side or both
Have a sensitivity to light
Nausea and wanting to vomit
Tension headache Or a headache due to stress They often respond to treatment and rarely cause permanent neurological damage. But chronic, stressful headaches can affect your quality of life, so get enough exercise, rest, and trying to find a time to relax yourself. If it is a serious problem, consult a doctor.

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How do we know that this is a "stressful headache"?

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