"Whispers in the Wind" exhibition (Off-topic)

by pippy, Monday, March 29, 2021, 03:19 (19 days ago)


A dreamy oil painting exhibition featuring the main character of a pony girl. Carrying luggage and traveling together with a trusty little monkey that is hidden in history, stories and ancient stories according to the style of the owner.
Khun Thanthara Suduang, the artist who recorded the wind, created each work. Similar to recording events in each place While she was traveling to the destination And believe that events in life that occur, whether good or bad Are part of everyone's journey No matter who life of anyone is on the way as well. Sooner or later, you must reach your destination.

She was inspired by the travel diary on the Silk Road from east to west of Phra Tang Sam Jang in 1183 (AD 646), who traveled over many obstacles to bring the Buddhist sutras. And various knowledge sciences Indian continent Returned to China.

By being portrayed through a soft color tone The brushstrokes are soft and light, as if in each picture, a gentle breeze is applied to the surface of the painting. And the wind that surrounds the atmosphere has a special meaning, which is still characterized by the artist's uniqueness.

Join the journey and listen to the whisper of the wind of Khun Thantara together from today - 18 April '64 for free! At Joyman Gallery

Anyone interested can register at: true wallet slot


"Whispers in the Wind" exhibition

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