7 tricks to get into a public toilet How to be safe (Off-topic)

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Toilets are considered a source of germs. Because it is a container for the waste from heavy, light, even a public toilet that is used by many people in one day. If not properly cleaned May be at risk of getting pathogens into the body, it is Today we have to know. Go to a public toilet How to be safe Away from germs From the Department of Infection Control and Prevention Quality Development Department, come for your friends to read and apply to practice for good health.

Go to a public toilet How to be safe
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1. Choose a bathroom that is rarely used.
If possible, use a bathroom that is not in the crowded areas, such as the bathroom in the office, on the floor with less staff, etc.

2. Do not touch it directly.
Every time you go to a public toilet Should be in contact with things In the bathroom as little as when opening the door May use tissue on the knob and turn it in, etc.

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3. Clean before you sit in the toilet.
Before sitting, clean the toilet lid. With sterile wet wipes Or carry a toilet paper to lay on the toilet lid before going to the toilet. Be careful !! Do not let the mat get wet. Because germs may penetrate into the water

4. Take as little time as possible.
Take the time to run the bathroom as short as possible. But if necessary, use the toilet Should choose to view the cleanest room And after the excretion is complete The toilet lid should be closed before pressing. To prevent germs spreading in the air

5. Do not step on the toilet.
Do not wear shoes to sit on the seat. Many people think doing this will keep the toilet from coming into contact with germs, but in fact, during the toilet, water may splash in the bowl. This is a place that combines more germs than the normal sitting !!

6. Do not scoop open water to wash and clean.
It is not recommended to bring the water in the same tank to be used for cleaning. Should be used directly from the tap. To prevent pathogens accumulating in the water tank Because some people dipped their hands in the bucket If it is a sprayer, it should be sprayed with water for about 1 minute to prevent germs mixed up around the hose.

7. Wash your hands after every business.
So as not to infect the hand with germs Should wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap. How to wash your hands: start washing your palms, front, back, crotch, front of the fingers, back, and the back Including bleaching the thumb Scrub the dirt around your nails and wrists, rinse with clean water. Then dry your hands with a paper towel. If there is no soap, rinse it with clean water several times for safety.


7 tricks to get into a public toilet How to be safe

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