5 ideas for clean morning meals from bread to eat every day. (Off-topic)

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5 ideas for clean morning meals from bread to eat every day.
Have you ever had a girl who wants to eat clean food every morning? But have to raise the white flag, because the taste of clean food is very boring and unappetizing Today we would like to invite everyone to turn to clean again with 5 ideas from bread that are both delicious and healthy that we bring together. Ensure that anyone can do it, and there are also clean foods to eat every morning before going to work.

1.Bread + fresh fruit + natural yogurt
Let's start with the first idea. This idea is to prepare just bread. Fresh fruit as you like And natural yogurt By spreading yogurt over the bread Then full of favorite fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, apples, or sprinkle them with whole grains.

2. Bread + Fried Egg + Spicy Tomato Salad
This idea is not difficult. Starting from making tomato salad in the way that you are comfortable. As for the taste, it should not be strong. Fry the fried egg, cooked as you like. Then scoop the salad onto the bread. Spawn a star on top. Clean food ideas from this bread idea. Giving the sweet and sour taste from the spicy sauce How many times will you not be bored

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3. Bread + Tuna Salad
Let's start by making tuna salad first. The tuna used is recommended to use tuna in brine. Then add salt, ground pepper, shallots and lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients together. When you get the taste you like Put the lettuce or your favorite vegetables on the bread. Followed by a scoop of tuna salad. With this, you can get clean food that you can often eat.

4. Bread + Scrambled Eggs, Pepper, Salt
This idea started with making scrambled eggs. Then put the scoop on the bread. And to get the taste of clean food that is not too bland It is recommended to sprinkle with salt and pepper on the scrambled eggs on the bread as well.

5. Bread + Peanut Butter + Fresh Fruit
It is an idea that pampers people who like to eat butter and cereal. Because this menu uses peanut butter all over the bread Then sprinkle with your favorite fruit. For a good match between peanut butter and fruit A banana and sour fruit are recommended to be placed on top of peanut butter. It can be topped with as many fruits as you like. This idea is considered a full-fledged clean food for the morning.

Being healthy doesn't have to just be clean, bland food. Because food that tastes delicious can be clean as well. Only need to pay attention to the selection of raw materials that are used. Should focus on the nutrients obtained from various raw materials. Especially fruits and vegetables is essential to eat on a daily basis. While bread can help you to fill your stomach for a long time as well.


5 ideas for clean morning meals from bread to eat every day.

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