Numbness warning signs of peripheral neuropathy (Off-topic)

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“Peripheral neuropathy” (Peripheral Neuropathy) is a condition of the nerve endings. Which is responsible for receiving signals from the brain sent to the spinal cord and organs in the body when the nerve endings are inflamed. This will cause the nerve function to malfunction and unable to transmit electrical signals normally. And the following symptoms such as pain, tingling, pain similar to pita cramps, numbness in the hands, feet, muscle weakness. Muscle spasms that cannot be controlled It is a disease that can be found in people aged 30 years and over and the risk group that is more likely to develop this disease is diabetics. Work hard, rest less Drink alcohol or alcohol regularly, smoke, eat less than five groups of food, or take certain drugs that can have side effects on the nerves.

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And more importantly These are the symptoms your body is telling you The body lacks certain types of vitamins such as B1, B6 and B12, but we still have some ways to prevent it.

What are the types of peripheral neuropathy?
Syndrome of Peripheral neuropathy is divided into three main types, which can occur with all types of symptoms:

1. Senses Which is the nerve connected with the skin
2. Nerve dictates or directs commands Which is the nerve that connects the muscles
3.The autonomic nervous system Which is the nerve that connects the internal organs

What are the warning signs of peripheral neuropathy?
Warning signs of peripheral neuropathy There are common symptoms as follows:

There is a tingling and numbness in the hands and feet.
There is a stinging or pain in the affected area.
Muscle weakness Especially on the feet Causing the patient to begin to lose balance and coordination of organs in the body

How can I prevent peripheral neuropathy?
The symptoms mentioned above are likely to occur all the time or may come and go, and your body needs to be observed frequently to see if you start to show symptoms. If you know it, you can prevent disease easily, just choose food and supplements to prevent Peripheral neuropathy And take care of health as follows


Numbness warning signs of peripheral neuropathy

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