How to eat yogurt to lose weight. With recipes to eat (Off-topic)

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Have heard that Eating yogurt regularly will help you lose weight. But no matter how much yogurt you eat Is still not thinner or collapsed belly once You know that It might be because you're eating yogurt the wrong way, so check it out. Are you eating the wrong diet yogurt?

The wrong way to eat yogurt Until you lose weight, what is it?

1. Yogurt mixed with fruit.

The candied fruit in the yogurt is very high in sugar. If you accidentally eat too much Instead of the body burning energy and extracting old fat to use. Turns into getting sugar into the body and storing more fat.
It also stimulates the urge to have more food. Therefore accidentally eat large amounts of food during the day Which causes rapid weight gain Without ever knowing

2. Crispy yogurt

A menu that puts yoghurt in the freezer to make crunchy flakes to add deliciousness to it. But did you know that The microorganisms in the yogurt stop growing in the cold.
Thus causing the yogurt to run out of usefulness in the blink of an eye It has also become a food to increase obesity as well. Therefore, you should never eat frozen crispy yogurt.

3. Add fresh fruit.

Adding fresh fruit to yogurt is also a good idea. Only need to take into account the amount of sugar in that fruit as well You should choose fruits that are less sweet, such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and avoid very sweet fruits such as ripe mangoes, coconuts, longan, just this will get yogurt. Really healthy weight loss

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How to eat yogurt to lose weight. With recipes to eat

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