Real love real concern He was worriedabout his mental health (Off-topic)

by pippy, Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 09:32 (8 days ago)

Human minds are not the same. And each person has different limits of patience. joker123 wallet We may see many actors and actresses happily smiling at the camera. But behind the scenes, it might be patiently smiling. Because mental health is going to be negative To be patient because it is a job

For example, some actors and artists just don't smile when giving interviews. It also became an issue that he was making a face of dissatisfaction with the media or not. May be pecked as not a professional There was no respect, the popularity was declining, and there was a biting, no-let go digging exhibition, so he would not have to hope for him to come out to be honest that he was dissatisfied with being subjected to a trade flow.

It must be understood that the career of an actor, an artist, is a profession that carries the expectations and conditions of society. They have to be perfect to meet the expectations of the fans if they do anything they do not meet the fans. Some fans may become anti-fans. Then to do the opposite. From liking to condemnation From admiration to ruining reputation And destroy work duties
The logic that if he is not satisfied He probably came out to be honest, it wouldn't work for everyone. In the midst of admiration from a group of people There was yet another group of people who looked with hate eyes. Wait for the day to fall and stomp over again. To satisfy personal satisfaction

It is not fun that we enjoy the casting of the stars, the actors and the artists. Always remind yourself that being stuck in the imagination It gives us the happiness that we want to be. But if too much Anything is not good. Distinguish which one is true and which one is thinking Then separate that the life of an actor, an artist is his, we have no right to threaten.

Do not let the stars, performers or artists we love Must feel that what you are doing in the media is something that you do Anything that violates life is not happy. And if life is not happy There is no use in living any longer. At that time, the gin too many numbers would not be able to get together.


Real love real concern He was worriedabout his mental health

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