NetApp HCI to help develop high-performance multi-cloud. (Off-topic)

by pippy, Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 08:50 (8 days ago)

Ingram Micro introduced the NetApp HCI as a highly capable solution. It helps support multi-cloud deployment with unique capabilities. It is simplicity, flexibility and support for future adaptation or expansion. It also has the ability to support containers. Which is the key to the success of both private and hybrid clouds

NetApp HCI helps to promote container applications such as Docker, enabling developers to create their creations with greater flexibility. Able to integrate software, related resources into the same work area. Or migrating containers to different host environments. That is the heart of multicloud operation Suitable for organizations that share both public and private cloud clouds.
There is an example of an interesting case study using the NetApp HCI system for container management. Which he stated that A wide variety of workloads can be used, from Docker, Citrix VDI, F5 Load Balancers, Virtualizers to virtual platforms. And virtual devices of all kinds, etc.

Businesses need flexibility in their cloud deployment. But they often worry about the rising long-term costs of using public cloud services. Many people are turning to hybrid and multi-cloud systems instead. HCI is a very flexible infrastructure. Especially suitable for multi-cloud Provide consistent good performance Easy to handle

Supports containers at the heart as well. And for the NetApp HCI solution, it provides both the scalability, flexibility, and manageability that are the keys to the most efficient multicloud success in organizations.

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NetApp HCI to help develop high-performance multi-cloud.

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