Google adds a tool to help remove unwanted images. (Off-topic)

by pippy, Friday, May 28, 2021, 03:19 (26 days ago)


After Google revealed that there will be no more free space for Google Photos starting on June 1st, people who collected high-quality images with the baud before that date will not have any space estimates. But if after this, it will combine the space with the Google Account, 15GB space, but now Google has all 4 additions, including

The area of ​​Google Photos that used to store both the photos and videos stored before June 1 is not merged with the area we use.
Users can view and view uploading behavior by Google itself, calculating that 15GB of space can store images for 3 years.
Google has added hints and images that suggest removal. Such as blurry images, large video and capture screen.
And Google will change the term High Quality to Storage Saver to prevent misunderstandings.

So at this time, don't panic until June 1, 2021.

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