Warm water can help you lose weight. The body burns better! (Off-topic)

by pippy, Wednesday, June 02, 2021, 02:30 (21 days ago)

Believe it or not! “Warm Water” can make your puppet return to Slender again! This isn't too much. because there is research to support that Warm water can burn calories quite well, and drinking warm water. It also helps to be healthy as well. Let's see. joker game
What are the benefits of warm water and do not forget to drink water regularly. for good health

How to lose weight or obesity by drinking warm water. It is another method that has been very popular. especially for those who are overweight Difficulty exercising Drinking warm water daily Can lose several kilograms per month, ever!
“There is some research It has been confirmed that drinking warm water at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48-49 degrees Celsius) can help you lose weight.

Drinking warm water alone does not directly help you lose weight. but to stimulate the process of losing weight Nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of warm water a day in the morning to stimulate the body's metabolic processes.

In addition, warm water helps prevent bloating. Because when warm water enters the body, it increases the body temperature. therefore increasing the rate of energy metabolism when the metabolism occurs It will result in weight loss. but has very little effect” Soaking in water at 40 degrees Celsius can help burn calories.
This has been confirmed by the University of Loughborough, England, that a test on men soaking in 40 degrees Celsius for an hour burned 140 calories, an amount that It's like walking for 30 minutes!

The researchers also monitored blood sugar levels 24 hours after the test and found that the highest blood sugar levels in the hot water bath test subjects. 10% less than those who ride a bike

In addition, the research also indicates that Hot water can reduce tension (tension) and help relax your stiff (soothe stiff muscles).


Warm water can help you lose weight. The body burns better!

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