How to reduce belly? (Off-topic)

by pippy, Thursday, June 03, 2021, 09:16 (20 days ago)

The most popular question among people who lose weight is wanting to lose belly fat. Or reduce the upper arms, thighs and will try to look for a simple and effective way to lose weight quickly, which is enough to recommend sustainable fat loss tips. However, we must understand that the fat in our body. It is not able to choose to reduce each part as we want.
The fat in our body is a large sheet of adhesion that covers the body. when we exercise The body will burn the average fat out of the body. It's not specific how much the abdomen, legs, or arms will be taken out. but is average Therefore, when we want to reduce belly fat, essentially, we need to reduce body fat by default. Let's look at pictures of people with a lot of fat and little fat.

Body fat, it can be seen that the fat is noticeable throughout the body. and when losing weight or reduce fat will be left with only the muscle Obviously the size of the shape will change. and the weight will change as well

To reduce fat, there are 3 methods and it is recommended to do them together as follows:

Cardio exercises to help burn fat and manage matters of the heart as well Most of the energy from fat is extracted. There are different levels of cardio. But for losing weight Maybe level 1 and 2 are enough. Let's look at more. Different forms of cardio and weight loss. Cardio exercises will help you burn 400-600 kcal per hour of fat. It depends on the intensity of the exercise as well. Metabolism for cardio is mainly burned at the time of exercise. and only after 1-2 hours of exercise
Weight training exercises Whether it's weight training or bodyweight, this sport will help build muscle. To use in the metabolism as well. And can burn energy up to 70-100 kcal per hour ever. and will continue to work continuously
healthy food choices By reducing the import of fat, such as reducing the consumption of fried, fried, sweet, oily, salty, etc., these are both fat and high in carbs. and not completely driven out will become a residual That is the fat itself.

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How to reduce belly?

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