Warner Bros. Sends Angelina Jolie Movie Direct (Off-topic)

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Warner Bros. Sends Angelina Jolie Movie Direct to Video-on-Demand in New India Strategy


A pandemic first in India for a major Hollywood studio.

Angelina Jolie-led neo-Western action thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead has become the first Warner Bros. movie to debut directly on video-on-demand in India during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Justice League Snyder Cut doesn't count as it was never planned for theatres. That signals a new strategy for the studio in India that had previously held onto the only-in-cinemas belief against all odds. This while its parent company WarnerMedia pioneered a day-and-date release push in the US, with every 2021 Warner Bros. title premiering on HBO Max and in cinemas at the same time. Warner Bros.' cinemas-first approach in India hit ridiculous heights in April when deep into the debilitating second national COVID-19 wave, the Mortal Kombat reboot was released in select screens in just five Indian states.

With cinemas shut nationwide soon after, Those Who Wish Me Dead — from Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, and the writer of Sicario, and Hell or High Water — that was slated to release May 14 worldwide had no chance for a theatrical release in India. And though it was promoted as an “only in cinemas” title by the Warner Bros. India — albeit in a generic, non-customised trailer on its YouTube channel — it has abandoned those plans now with the reopening of cinemas very unclear. India is still reporting new coronavirus cases and deaths every day — 1.34 lakh cases and over 2,800 dead yesterday — than it did at the height of first peak of the pandemic in September last year. And those are just the official numbers. pg slot


Warner Bros. Sends Angelina Jolie Movie Direct

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