how to count tinsel expectant mothers must know (Off-topic)

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Fetal movement count is one of the convenient methods for checking the health of the fetus. Because the mother will be aware of the struggle Or the movement of the baby from about 20 weeks of gestation and feeling more and more clearly. From the 3rd trimester in a normal baby there may be from 4 to 100 movements per hour. Babies tend to struggle a lot in the evening.

How can I count the ball?
There are several methods for counting flex currently recommended. But the method that is convenient and accepted are:

- Modified Cardiff count to ten is often recommended to count from 8:00-12:00 if the baby is struggling so she can see a doctor immediately in the afternoon.

- The number of babies wriggling after meals 3 times (Sadovsky method) was calculated by counting babies wriggling 1 hour after meals.

What should I do if my baby struggles less?
less flexing It is an important warning that your child may be in danger. There is a risk of death in pregnancy. especially in mothers with other complications, so if the mother finds less or no flex You should see a doctor immediately. for further thorough evaluation.

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how to count tinsel expectant mothers must know

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