TAG Heuer Releases Wellness App for Luxury Connected Watches (Off-topic)

by pippy, Wednesday, March 10, 2021, 07:48 (38 days ago)


TAG Heuer launches Wellness app to allow users to easily and effectively track their daily activities. From small steps to intense exercise, users will feel the Desire to look your best in your own way while enjoying an active lifestyle.

Exciting new additions to the TAG Heuer Connected.

A new and exclusive Wellness feature for the TAG Heuer Connected watch helps users stay fit and connected while tracking biometric during their daily activities by setting two regular goals. day And weekly data summary This app will inspire and make users understand how small their efforts are. The launch of the Wellness app comes after one year of the success of the brand-new TAG Heuer Connected watches, believing that a focus on health and fitness will help the connected watch. Of the brand to expand its base of new users even more

Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer said, “With the new Wellness app, we add a new twist to our connected watch product. Within a year, TAG Heuer Connected has stood one of the podiums.

In matters of elegance and sportiness It is a favorite of golfers. Cyclists, runners and other sports enthusiasts And in addition to elegance and performance Our watch users are also interested in monitoring their health. We value their opinions. And we know how important it is to remain active today. So we've created a TAG Heuer Connected Wellness app for them. ”

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Easy access to all important information.

Just by looking at the TAG Heuer Connected watch, users can monitor their daily activity (step count), exercise intensity. (Time spent each week with moderate to vigorous exercise) Level of effort Measured by the body (Continuous real-time heartbeat detection) and exercise results measured in quantities. In addition to the TAG Heuer Connected app on your phone, the brand-new Wellness app also provides developmental information, a reliable indicator in your mobile phone. User activity level The keypad for the Wellness app allows users to easily access their wfh progress information. Stimulate wanting to be active and stay strong all the time


TAG Heuer Releases Wellness App for Luxury Connected Watches

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