Covid vaccine: How many people has India vaccinated? (Off-topic)

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Nearly 30 million people in India have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine in what is the world's biggest inoculation drive.

Since the pandemic began, India has confirmed more than 11 million cases and over 157,000 deaths. The country has recorded the second-highest number of Covid-19 infections in the world after the United States.Although caseloads have dropped sharply across the country, seven states - Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh - are reporting a fresh surge in infections.

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How is the rollout going?
India launched its vaccination drive on 16 January, but it was limited to healthcare workers and frontline staff - a sanitation worker became the first Indian to receive the vaccine.
From March 1, the eligibility criteria expanded to include people over 60 and those who are between 45 and 59 but have other illnesses.

Vaccination is voluntary. State-run clinics and hospitals are offering free jabs but people can also pay 250 rupees ($3.4; £2.4)a dose at private facilities to get vaccinated.The country's drugs regulator has given the green light to two vaccines - one developed by AstraZeneca with Oxford University (Covishield) and one by Indian firm Bharat Biotech (Covaxin). Several others candidates are at different stages of trials.India is a vaccine powerhouse: it makes 60% of the world's vaccines and is home to half a dozen major manufacturers.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who's 70 years old, got his vaccine shot on 1 March. He was administered a jab of the indigenously developed Covaxin.
After receiving the jab, he urged people to take the vaccine when their turn came.

How many have been vaccinated so far?
Nearly 30 million people have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine so far.
The government aims to use up to 500 million doses to cover 250 million "priority people" by the end of July. India has about 150 days to administer two doses and meet its target.
Although the pace of vaccination has picked up - more than two million people have been administered doses in a single day - experts say unless the drive is scaled up, the target could be missed.


Covid vaccine: How many people has India vaccinated?

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